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  • Get the new Churchill Gardens Uniform


    Churchill Gardens Primary Academy is getting a new uniform for September.

    Please see the uniform page for more details about it, what it will look like, and how it can be purchased.

    On Thursday 19 July, at the Academy's Summer Fair, parents will have the opportunity to view the new uniform. Pupils can be sized for the new Churchill Gardens branded jumper. You can also view what the uniform will look like.

    For new parents, all items must be purchased online through Trutex's website.

    For existing parents, a Jumper and tie will be provided and paid for by the school. Go online to redeem the Jumper. The tie will be handed out on the first day of term.



    Churchill Gardens Primary Academy

    Ranelagh Road, London, SWIV 3EU
    Tel: 020 7798 2050